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Included here are the exploits of the princesses SynSofia Breeze, Hika Hika Pumpkin, Candy Explosion, and Pi "Pipi" Pi. This is a record of their efforts to grow the ShadowMint Kingdom into something stable and lasting.

These are 'replays' of gaming sessions, transcripts of a campaign for Princess World: Frontier Kingdoms. They have been edited and condensed to provide a more readable, interesting, entertaining and educational experience. Hours of nonsense and off-topic conversations have been excluded for the sake of brevity and my own sanity. 

Note that this was a playtest campaign, mostly using an early version of the PW:FK rules. Many things are different now. I recommend not using these transcripts as a rules reference.

Please enjoy the adventures of these four perfect human beings.

Volume 01: Scattered Dreams

01 ~ "Mark A Prep Point And Pull Out A Bomb"

02 ~ "If I Escalate To d20 What Happens?"

03 ~ "Bring Up An Embarrassing Story And Mark Two Weight"

Volume 02: Rival Hearts

04 ~ "Mark Weight For Not Indulging"

05 ~ "What Would Her Scar Be?"


PWFK - ShadowMint 01 - Scattered Dreams.epub 492 kB
PWFK - ShadowMint 02 - Rival Hearts.epub 376 kB

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