Surrounding Strangeness, a Spindlewheel game for the Cryptid Jam

Another game made in collaboration with my daughter, who enjoys cryptids as long as they're not too scary.

This one came together very quickly once I got properly stuck in. I've been wanting to make something that uses Spindlewheel for a while, and this seemed like the perfect chance. My initial premise was "Explore the legend of a cryptid, from modern beliefs and its impact on culture, through significant events in the cryptid's legend, and ending with the moment that began it all; the first witness and what they saw." I was going to approach it with card groups like "Modern Impact" and "Early Whispers", but when I started actually laying out cards being so specific didn't feel right. Spindlewheel games are all about interpretation, so I think it's better to leave room when you can. Ask questions, but don't demand answers.

Anyway, I've played this one through a few times, with the usual Spindlewheel "Where in the world did all of this come from?" results. It's good, it's fun, it's quick, it gets the daughter seal of approval, I'm happy with it.

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