Totally Real Incredible Things

This game was one of those things where you start with a basic idea and it just all kind of comes together quickly and then you're like "I think this is just it."

Anyway, I tend towards making lengthier games (in terms of the time they take to play) even with short stuff, with conversation and group storytelling a big component, so I wanted to go in the complete opposite direction with this one. Condensed, time-limited, with a lot of noise and distraction. I also wanted to make something that felt both cooperative and competitive, with a shared goal but different paths towards getting there. The adults need to concentrate to complete their task, the kids need to distract them from the task in order to build dice towards convincing them to go look at the thing. If any side fails, the thing just goes away and doesn't even get described, aside from maybe what the kids were yelling, and nobody was in a position to listen to that anyway. Was the thing something actually incredible? Was it just a big spider in the bathroom? I guess we'll never know.


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Apr 19, 2019

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