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Saturday Is Treat Day is a game about being so hungry that you cannot remember what food is called, or indeed whether or not the thing you're thinking of is food at all.

The Dieter
You've been dieting all week, getting by on a toasted cornflake and a baked bean a day, but finally it's Saturday and time for a reward, because Saturday Is Treat Day. For 24 hours you can eat literally anything. Birthday pie, large macs, pints o' cream, crispy hoisin owl, you name it. However, there's a problem. The diet you've been following to the letter has left you malnourished and muddled. You can't remember the actual names of any food, or if you can then you somehow can't quite pronounce them properly. Your goal is to convey your specific desires for certain foods to the staff at the café, restaurant, supermarket, or whatever other food-having place you've found.

The Staffers
All players not in the dieter role are staffers. The staff of this food repository are, of course, united in their desire to help this poor individual find exactly the food they're looking for. You're going to have to work hard to guess what it is they want, though. It also might be that the dieter is so malnourished and confused that what they're asking for doesn't actually exist as food, in which case it's up to you all to agree that they're talking genuine nonsense.

Saturday Is Treat Day was made for the One-Page RPG Jam 2020, hosted by James Lennox-Gordon. It is based on the Butterfield Diet Plan sketch from the Peter Serafinowicz Show.

The photo used in the cover image is from Camila Melim.


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