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The Dark Lord Told Me To Deal With These Adventurers But I'm Only A Level 1 Slime (or, informally, Yanth) is a GMless tabletop roleplaying game intended for one to four players. Players take the roles of puny Level 1 monsters that have, for whatever reason, recently gained consciousness and a degree of genre awareness. This newfound intelligence comes at a critical juncture; the Dark Lord has just sent a general command to every monster in the dungeon: Adventurers are invading, kill them, protect me!

The PCs are in a position of choice. They could do as the Dark Lord asks, and attempt to level up enough to present a challenge to those pesky adventurers. They could try to escape the dungeon, making their way past other monsters, traps, obstacles, and the adventurers to freedom. They could even try to team up with the adventurers and help kill the Dark Lord. Whatever they decide, they'd better act fast. Not only are those adventurers rapidly closing in, but the Dark Lord isn't just sitting idly around. They're cooking up something strange in their deep secret lair, and just the side effects could throw everything the PCs are planning into disarray...

This game was originally made for the Mega RPG Jam.


The Dark Lord Told Me To Deal With These Adventurers But I'm Only A Level One Slime - 1.0: Core Rulebook

Character Sheet

Dungeon Monster Ecology Chart

RePlay - Dungeon Tree: Transcript 'replay' of a playtest session. Follow SuraSura the slime, Useless the kobold, and Mr Hinger the mimic as they race against time to escape the dungeon with as much treasure, magic items, and strawberry shortcake as they can carry.


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Yanth - Dungeon Monster Ecology Chart.pdf 17 kB
Yanth - Dungeon Monster Ecology Chart.png 54 kB
Yanth - RePlay - Dungeon Tree.pdf 383 kB

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