Princess Academy Adventures - first public release

Well, enough faffing around, it's time to get this thing out there. It's highly statistically unlikely that you're reading this, so well done for being a remarkable anomaly if you are.

Princess World: Princess Academy Adventures is a tabletop roleplaying game I made to play with my daughters. It's based on the Apocalypse World engine with a bit of Forged in the Dark thrown in there. We've had a lot of fun playing around in the known kingdoms, and I thought other people might enjoy a school-focused, fluffy-but-solid, videogameish RPG where monsters explode into candy and everyone's a magical princess.

I have a few extra things for this one, some adventure modules and a sourcebook that includes a whole bunch of monsters, Princess World factions, and some random tables for that procedurally generated feel. I'll probably work on getting them out over the next few weeks.

I have another game too, a sister/sequel thing to this one, called Princess World: Frontier Kingdoms. It's based on Forged in the Dark and is a little heftier than PAA. That one needs a little longer in the oven, though.


Princess Academy Adventures - Core - v0.4.pdf 302 kB
69 days ago

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