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Princess Academy! Where young princesses come to learn, to explore, to fight, to grow! Princess Academy! A shining beacon of light in a chaotic world! Princess Academy! Can you ever have too many princesses? Not in this academy's opinion.

Princess World: Academy Adventures is a school-focused tabletop roleplaying game where princesses will attend classes, be given tasks and assignments, earn XP and merits, rank up, and eventually graduate from the academy.

The tone is light but dramatic. Princesses might get a bit knocked around, but they can't die and tend not to suffer any injury more serious than a broken arm or two. I originally created it as a game to play with my daughters, so it's aimed at an experienced gamemaster with inexperienced players. As such it contains quite a few rules and suggestions intended to guide younger players into tabletop roleplaying games. By design it's a forgiving game that encourages creativity and exploration.


Princess World: Academy Adventures - Core: The core rules for the system.

PW:AA - Sourcebook #1 - Factions & Monsters: Includes information on various factions in the known kingdoms, dozens of monsters, some rules on maps and travelling between locations, and a bunch of useful random tables.

PW:AA - Adventure Module #1 - The Endless Garden: Inspired by Emmy Allen's The Gardens Of Ynn, princesses can embark on procedurally generated adventures in a beautiful garden filled with mysteries, greenery, monsters and treasure.

PW:AA - Adventure Module #2 - The Clockwork Palace of Autumn Midnight: An educational class trip to a frontier kingdom surrounding a chaos nexus, overseen by a single exhausted anti-social princess and her army of clockwork helpers. What could possibly go wrong?

PW:AA - Character Sheet: Available as a PDF or a PNG. Designed to be folded in half to make a little booklet, why not.


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Princess Academy Adventures - Core - v0.5.pdf 304 kB
PAA - Sourcebook #1 - Factions & Monsters - v0.3.pdf 321 kB
PAA - Adventure Module #1 - The Endless Garden - v0.2.pdf 82 kB
PAA - Adventure Module #2 - The Clockwork Palace of Autumn Midnight - v0.1.pdf 156 kB
PAA - Character Sheet.png 339 kB
PAA - Character Sheet.pdf 1 MB

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Just discovered this, and I really like it, though I have to ask: WTF is with the tone shift between the core book and Factions and Monsters? The first is really sweet and fluffy all the way through, while the second is pretty heavily implying that all is not as it seems, and there's *a lot* of darkness in this cute, fluffy little world. Not complaining, I dig it, just curious


The short answer is that I made this game to play with my daughters, and between the core book and the first sourcebook they grew up enough to enjoy the deeper darker themes and more nuanced political stuff that I love.

Now I want to play this with my nieces!