Princess Academy Adventures Sourcebook

The first sourcebook for Princess Academy Adventures is now available. It includes information on some of the factions of Princess World, from the knowledge seeking and explosion prone Scientific Promotion Society to the mysterious watchers of Speculation Wildhearts to the daringly academic  Universal Librarians. It also has dozens of monsters, including slimes, bad rats, igneous snails, evil jelly, vampiric chestnuts and those tricksters we love to hate, mimics. In addition it has some useful random tables and a few notes on locations, travel, and maps.

I've also uploaded a character sheet for the game, in PDF and PNG formats.


PAA - Sourcebook #1 - Factions & Monsters - v0.3.pdf 321 kB
67 days ago
PAA - Character Sheet.pdf 7 MB
67 days ago
PAA - Character Sheet.png 339 kB
67 days ago

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