Oh, The Things That You'll Miss: Frontier Kingdoms v0.4 released

Quite a bit of new and updated stuff in this version of Frontier Kingdoms. There's a whole new section on hosting a party in your kingdom, a bunch of random tables to help generate locations in the wild lands, random elements to add colour to those locations, random monsters to make those locations more interesting, and wild surges for when things get weird. In addition, there's some advice on handling heart scars in play, a bunch of new scar suggestions, lots of new special abilities, a session progression chart in case you're like me and need a reminder of the order of things, a scattering of new kingdom improvements, princess magic has been modified, engagement rolls have been fiddled with to make them more interesting and princess-relevant, there's some balance stuff in there, and I gave the whole faction section a complete overhaul. It's bigger, it's bolder, it's more princessy than ever.

Aside from the 0.4 core rules, I've also uploaded a fairly rough and ready factions & relations sheet and NPC kingdom sheet, both of which I've found to be handy when running games.

As for the future, who knows! It felt fairly complete before but 0.3 seems rather barebones and unbalanced to me now. What wonders and changes might 0.5 hold?

One thing that is definitely coming: I have a whole bunch of replays of a playtesting campaign hanging around. These are condensed and edited transcripts of play sessions, by turns educational and entertaining. This sort of thing is very popular in Japan and honestly I love them, but TTRPG replays in English seem almost nonexistent. My only thought is that they might make the game page a bit cluttered, with all these different files, so I may make them their own page. Anyway, maybe they'll be going up soon? Maybe not? It depends how long it takes me to edit and proof them.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded this game so far. I hope you've found something of value in it!


Princess World - Frontier Kingdoms - Core - 0.4.pdf 490 kB
Jul 14, 2019
PWFK - NPC Kingdom Sheet.png 276 kB
Jul 14, 2019
PWFK - NPC Kingdom Sheet.pdf 2 MB
Jul 14, 2019
PWFK - Factions & Relations Sheet.pdf 28 kB
Jul 14, 2019

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